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  • Hello, it’s Richard Prettyjohns here and this is a class photo of my year in 1960. Such fond memories and great school friends. I will now recall their names, excuse me for any errors as it was a while ago now😉
    Headmaster, Mr Powell, and our class teacher Mrs Edwards.
    Top row (4th Row) left to right, Wendy Paget, Angela Ransome, Kay Morgan, David James, Keith Philllips, Stephen Hazzleby, Michael Wall.
    Middle row(3rd Row) left to right, Martin Brickell, Sheila Evans, Richard Prettyjohns (me), Judith Prosser, Caroline Lawley, Leslie Ball, Susan Harvey.
    Second row, left to right, Linda Wallace, Shirley Heath, Susan Price (RIP), Dennis Morgan, Rosalind Proll(RIP), Meryl Price, Beverley Morgan, Myfanwy Hughes.
    Front Row, (first Row) left to right, Roy Hamer, Hugh Thomas.
    Great times…I would love to hear from you…

    By Richard Prettyjohns (24/12/2018)

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