Blaina Central Boys' School, 1920s?

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  • Do you know which boy is George James who became a Teacher at Glanyrafon. There is a boy with an X marked on him. He quite resembles Mr James but I’m not sure I would be grateful of any help. There are 27 boys and Teacher in the photo but only 23 names under the photo. Thank you.

    By Moira Davies (09/05/2017)
  • Do you know if the boy with the X marked on him is Mr George James who taught at Glanyrafon School. The boy quite resembles an older Mr James photo but I could be wrong. Second row from the bottom fourth boy from the left or fourth from the right. Were names perhaps written on the back of the photo. Any help you can offer would be appreciated, Thank you.

    By Moira Davies (28/04/2017)

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