General View Blaina. Taken from Westside. Henwain Row , Demolished in mountain landslide. Also Henwain Pit.

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  • I lived in Pump Street, BLAINA For 5 years , during the war with my Mother and grandparents (surname Rowberry) while my Father was serving in the 8th Army. My great grandparents lived in Henwain row where I used to play with my brother and wandered over the hills of mined soil but now covered in grass. I remember buying little Hovis loaves of bread and trying to chew a bit of my grandfathers shiny chewing tobacco, yuk, and sniffing some snuff. Great times. So sad, when I last visited, to find that Pump Street was no longer there.

    By Carol Donaldnée Martin (16/05/2020)

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